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      I first read about Natalie's Skinny Pigs online last year and was intrigued by not only the little hairless creatures themselves, but also by the woman who was so devoted to loving and caring for them in a way I haven't seen a breeder take care of their pets in quite awhile. Natalie is a dedicated and deeply involved pet owner/breeder who goes beyond what it takes to provide and care for her pets, she organizes and literally adapts her lifestyle to fit their needs, for example, buying a home with them specifically in mind! Our Skinnies arrived just as she had promised, and they are beautiful and full of character and extremely lovable! They are just the cutest things, and as you can imagine, we get our share of funny looks when people come over and are introduced to the new members of our family... no worries! They win EVERYONE over within a matter of minutes, and then everyone else wants to take them home with them!! We are so proud!!

      After our Skinnies came to live with us, one of them became ill from some food that he had eaten, and Natalie was so extremely concerned and emotionally helpful! She listened to everything I told her about his illness and took my vet's opinions and diagnosis into great consideration and actually made changes to how she cared for her Skinnies to ensure that something like that would never happen again, especially under her watch! She is an amazingly sweet natured woman with whom I am glad to have had the priviledge to meet, and I hope to stay in contact with for quite some time...

Thanks again Natalie!

Sincerely and with much Respect,
Terrilee Bowden in Iowa

Dear Natalie,
        Bailee and I would just like to say, "WOW - we love you." Gremlin has made such an awesome addition to our guinea pig family. He is beautiful, fun-loving, sweet, and just melts your heart when he purrs at you. He loves to jump and play around his cage, he whistles at everyone that walks by him, and is constantly chatting with his new neighbors. You have been such a great help to us, educating us on Skinny Pigs, and cavies in general that we cannot thank you enough. We are so glad that we got our new addition from you and look forward to getting our little girl soon. Keep up the great work!!!!! 

Our Sincerest Wishes To You & Your Cavy Family

From Jodie & Bailee Warsing in Illinois

          I am very pleased with both the health and disposition of Candy the skinny pig. It was clear when we got her that she had been handled alot when she was a baby, as she wasn't scared of our hands at all. She also has the best coloring Iv'e seen, and she just keeps getting cuter as she gets older :) Thank you for providing my boyfriend and I with our adorable Skinny, we LOVE her!

Megan from New Jersey 

      She's a definite whinner!  LOL, I had to sleep with my hand in the cage for the first two nights. Now she has started following Snowball around. I think the hair on her gives Dipper some comfort. They both like laying in my lap nibblin on hay and carrots, but im trying not to spoil them. My son who is a normal 11 year old, decided the next day that he was bored with them.... so they're all mine:) Thanks again for the newest edition to our household!

Michael from Indiana
Snowball and Dipper

   Your breeding program is wonderful.  We are so pleased with the health and personality of all the skinnies we've gotten from you.  They are some
 of the most handsome pigs we've had the pleasure of having. Great size and terrific personality.  We cannot wait to see and add more to our herd in the future!  Thanks for all you've done. 

Jennifer from North Carolina. 

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