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~ Skinny Pigs ~
(hairless guinea pigs)

One Color Skinny
(self colored): $85 - $100

Two Color Skinny
(2 broken colors): $100 - $125

Three Color Skinny
$125 - $150

~ Skinny Pig Carriers ~
(skinny pig gene carriers)

1st Generation Skinny Gene Carrier:
$50 - $60
2nd Generation Skinny Gene Carrier:
$55 - $65
3rd Generation Skinny Gene Carrier:
 $60 - $70
Any Generation after:
$65 - $75

~ Baldwins ~
(completely hairless guinea pigs)

Baldwin Sow:

Baldwin Boar:

 ~ Baldwin Carriers ~
(carriers of the Baldwin Gene)

1st Generation Baldwin Carrier:
$60 - $100
2nd Generation Baldwin Carrier:
$80 - $120
3rd Generation Baldwin Carrier:
$100 - $150
Any Generation after:
$120 - $180

~ Discount Offers ~

Purchase 3 Skinny Pigs - Get FREE Skinny Pig Carrier Boar
Purchase 4 Skinny Pigs - Get HALF OFF Skinny Pig Carrier Sow
Purchase 5 Skinny Pigs - Get FREE Skinny Pig Carrier Sow
Purchase 7 Skinny Pigs - Get HALF OFF Skinny Pig Boar

sorry, no discount for Baldwins

~ Reserving ~

If you are interested in reserving a Skinny Pig, you must send a deposit of $50 or full payment. Payment must be recieved after 7 days or I will assume that you are not interesting in your baby and it will become available for another buyer. If you want to pay through paypal then there will be an extra $5 charge for your entire purchase. You can pay this extra $5 at your beginning deposit or your final payment. Otherwise I take Money Order, check, or cash if you are planning on picking up. 

~ Holding ~

If your reserved baby has reached 1 month old and you are planning on waiting on more babies. Then I charge $10 per month per pig. This charge is for shavings, pellets, hay, special treats, etc.

~ Shipping ~

I will ship anywhere in the United States and even to Canada. I use Continental Airlines since they have the lowest rates and temperature controlled cargo area. Prices for some of the airlines I use is located below. Sending a piggie on an airline can be pretty pricey. Shipping charges include the plane ticket, pet crate, and the purchase price of your Skinnies. Getting the Skinnies ready to be shipped is very time consuming and alot of work. I don't mind shipping my pigs but I do charge a handling fee of $45. I will waver this fee if you are purchasing more than 5 cavies. The fee is for the 2 hour driving distance there and back, sweaters (in winter), hand warmers, my time spent preparing the pigs for the plane trip, and any extra supplies that the airlines require.

Continental Pet Safe # 1800 - 575 - 3335 or
American Airlines Cargo # 1800 - 227 - 4622
(call them to see if they ship guinea pigs to your airport)
I ship out of St. Louis International Airport

Continental Airlines
(the airline that I recommend)

Plane Ticket -$165
(The plane ticket amount stays the same
no matter how many pigs you plan to purchase)

Pet Crate - $25
Handling Fee -$45


American Airlines

Plane Ticket - $200
Pet Crate - $25
Handling Fee - $45

TOTAL:  $270

Delta Airlines

Plane Ticket - $220
Pet Crate - $25
Handling Fee - $45
Health Certificate - $40

TOTAL:  $330

I deliver to St. Louis for a $40 charge.
Natalie's Skinny Pigs